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Theme of the year : URBAN LANDSCAPE

Street art is part of this urban landscape but beyond the intentionality of the graph and its works, what interests me more is the support, the walls that receive them.

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The trace left by the human activity, rubbings and dirt in the course of the passages, deliberate degradations, stripes, replatting, messages left to the gaze of the others.

But also the wear and tear of time, the flowing rust and filth, patina on the palisades all that is left by what falls from above, rain, dust, ambient humidity. In this my paintings are often dirty, the bright colors do not attract me as the overabundance of hues. Too much color confuses me. Something must happen, but we must not lose the observer in an over abundance of information. I think that the more a work is simple and the more it speaks to us emotionally. Sophistication appeals to the intellect.

And here I use all the technique that the practice allows me to discover over the works. The method is empirical: you act so you learn. Because it is a continuous discovery: Lavis, glacis, washing, tearing, impasto, superpositions, aspertion, grooving, scraping … The colors do not react in the same way to these tests and there is all the difficulty.

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That’s why I say I practice archeopeinture. The successive layers are there to be scratched and to reveal the lower layer with what it brings of surprise and discovery. In each of them I must go to seek the relief, the color, the light or the absence of light, which, together with one another, will reveal what must be shown. Like archaeologists who, with their brushes, clean the vestiges to reveal them without deteriorating them and who do not know what they will find. Perhaps they have a vague idea, but nothing can be. But nothing can be fully revealed until the whole is cleared in its entirety. This is what I hide the strata of painting that I seek to discover to reveal what they contain ideas to promote, emotion to convey, concept to develop. This archeology is a contemporary archeology because what I am trying to express is contained in the actuality and the urbanity of our cities, our ways of life. 

For me a canvas is not a decoration on a wall. Above all, it is the artist’s favorite means of expression. The vector by which it expresses what it feels and what it has to say. Aesthetics counts less than content. 
We have been told in the past that “everything is art”, so the first creator would be nature. Personally I am one of those who think that art is the fruit of a process and / or a reflection. It is a medium that serves to convey the artist’s emotions or ideas in order to meet others.

Acrylic is a formidable material that dries quickly (I need this, I am always in a hurry). At 60 years of age, we do not see life in the same way as 20 years. We finally have time but we do not know how long it will last.
Well, I hope that will give you an idea.