Ecris ton nom

Ecris ton nom – Thoughts serie – 100 x 100 cm

Definition of Signature. The “signature” is the graphics by which a person identifies himself in in act and by which he expresses his approval for the content of this document. The validity of any commitment is subject to the existence of this handwritten signature which gives the document its probative force.
I think the graphic style of a signature is representative of social class. In the past, people who could not read or write signed with a cross.
Unlike the signature, the cross is graphically practically similar for everyone and does not allow identification. What then is the point of making interested parties sign a deed if their identification cannot be opposed ? Was it not a way of making the common people or the slaves feel that they were all similar and above all was it not also a way of stigmatizing them as such. The work contrasts these two graphic styles that mark the state and place it in society.

What are the Dreams for ?

What are the Dreams for ? – Thoughts serie – 100 x 100 cm

Diffuse, confused, evanescent, we enter and leave without really knowing why, nor without having chosen it. Incomprehensible words, improbable places, moments that are repeated without end. Stories of synapses that connect and disconnect. But what can dreams do for them?

Sapiens or the cognitive revolution

Sapiens or the cognitive revolution – Thoughts serie – 80 x 80 cm

The cognitive revolution is what allowed man to distinguish himself from the animal by organizing himself, from myths and beliefs, into an increasingly complex society capable of conquering the world. The superior intelligence that results from it allows him to solve all the technological challenges. Conquerors, politicians, engineers, inventors, physicists, doctors, artists and creators, artisans, but also the myriad of little hands that helped them, helped to advance all this. However, all of humanity is still governed by original clan tensions such as domination, jealousy, hate, lies. These forces have not changed much even though we know how to analyze and understand them. Are we smart enough to handle this antagonism? From the answer to this question can come our salvation or our loss.

Not easy to become oneself

Not easy to become oneself – Thoughts serie – 80 x 80 cm

I would have liked to call it “The empty fortress”, a title that speaks to social workers, but it was already taken. Inspired by all those children locked inside themselves and who will never have access to the real world. It is also a question about the chances of becoming an adult and the difficulty of becoming a thinking person, able to live in harmony with others, to be accepted and recognized by them. This is by extension a reflection on the learning of parenthood and the transmission of knowledge, the keystone of humanity. Finally, it is a way of returning to this path that has enabled everyone to become what he is today.

Photos of Urban landscape Exhibition

Looking back on the Urban landscape Exhibition that took place in may 2017 in l’Alcove gallery (Lyon, France).

Why did they leave? / Where are they gone?

Why did they leave? / Where are they gone? – War serie – 100 x 100 cm

It was believed the time of barbarism gone. Wars had become a matter of soldiers and battlefields. “Gentlemen the English pull first.” And then the 20th century came with a lot of horrors. It was no longer enough to send men into battle. Civilian populations have again experienced persecution, looting and rape. They are left on the roads trying to escape, leaving behind their memories and everything they built. Exodus resurfaces when you hear the sound of boots.